2 thoughts on “Textual Analysis Project: Presentation

  1. Hi Monet,

    I thought your presentation was very eye opening. You are right, “equal should mean equal for each employee.” Seeing the statistics for the earnings of men compared to the earnings of women and for women living below the poverty line is sickening, especially seeing it broken down by race. Then when you said that the women “figured it was their fault” is so sad, but I can see it being true. Even though they are trying so hard, they are looking down on themselves like they should be doing more. There is a double standard and glass ceiling and it isn’t right. I don’t know who that woman was on the news who said that none of this is true, but she got me fired up. In this day and age, it shouldn’t be like this. I appreciate you reminding us that there is still work to be done, we are not quite equal yet.



  2. Thank you for your wonderful presentation Monet! I really enjoyed reading and following along. I thought you chose a wonderful topic for your textual analysis project. Gender equality in the workplace is a huge issue that still exists today. I definitely agree that being a female and minority is a little tougher as well. It blows my mind that still today in 2016 men and women cannot be paid the same amount for completing the same role. I thought you you used great visuals in order to present to the audience your findings and methodology. The visuals really helped set the tone and give further explanation of the issue. I believe that one day the pay wage gap will close and everyone will be equal. I still think it will take time though. I believe that education also plays a big part in helping to close the pay wage gap. For many years men were the ones who were getting an education, so they felt superior to women. Now that women are becoming more educated that gap is closely closing.


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