The “Good” Life

Life is like a roller-coaster—ups, downs, twists, and turns. It can be exciting, yet scary at the same time. Some may interpret the good life as having financial wealth, cars, jewelry, and a mansion on top of a hill. Perhaps the good life is having good health. I believe the “good life” varies from each individual depending on his or her personal circumstance(s). Because we live in a diverse society, one should not assume another person has the same morals, values, or beliefs. Having an open mind is necessary in my opinion. Still, each individual wrestles with the internal battle of right versus wrong.

The “good” in my life is maintaining my independence after unfortunate circumstances. For example, I survived unemployment and was able to prevent  foreclosure. Serving on the Social Action Committee this upcoming sorority year will allow me to help others register to vote, and assist with obtaining the appropriate ID, so they can exercise their right to vote—that will be rewarding. The “good” in my life will constantly change with each experience. We all have different opinions about what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’. What’s your definition of the “good” life?

~Miss Monét