Digital & Media Literacy Project



Wright, K. & Muhtaseb, A. (2011). Personal relationships and computer-mediated support groups. In Wright, K. & Webb, L. (Eds.), Computer-mediated communication in personal relationships (pp. 137-150). New York, New York: Peter Lang Publishing.


One thought on “Digital & Media Literacy Project

  1. Miss Monet, I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast. I like the image you’ve used on your soundcloud post, and I want to make one of those of myself! Your use of sound affects, and music was entertaining. You’re a pro with the echo sound affect! I think that you contributed to the digital literacy of your listeners by giving specific examples of online support resources. As a graduate student nearing the start of a thesis project, I may do some googling of support for myself – when I am feeling bonkers or overwhelmed! Thank you for a great podcast! Nancy


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