The Meltdown: ‘Uh-Oh Yeezy


Hello and welcome to Week 6. I am required to create a digital presentation of an ‘uh-oh’  strategic communication moment and an analysis using a theorist from the text. I chose Kanye West and his [November 2016] bizarre rant during his concert in Sacramento, CA. I also selected the Goffman Theory and used the impression analysis. The title of my presentation is The Meltdown: ‘Uh-oh Yeezy!’ presented by myself, Miss Monet.

What you learned about the content you presented by making this presentation?

Some theories are easier to understand than others. I believed the Goffman theory was a great fit for the Kanye West situation. I learned that a theory can help one discover an underlying issue or elephant in the room. Kanye West has mental health problems. His backstage has become his frontstage. Unfortunately, he is famous, so dealing with a sensitive matter in public can be overwhelming [I imagine].

What did you learn about media production by making this presentation?

I know how to use Screencast-O-Matic, but it has been sometime since I last used it—I am not 100% happy with the final product; however, I learned to press forward and grow from the experience. It’s about the process and not necessarily getting 100%. Overall, my frontstage and backstage collided. I learned that I enjoy working behind the scenes in media production; not in front of the camera. My preference is radio production because it’s an enjoyable experience, and I’m a natural—this project confirmed it for me.

How did you push yourself beyond your previous skills in media production to complete this project?

Physically, I pushed myself to the limit. I’m a full-time grad student, work a 4/10 schedule, I’m the Church Clerk [had to organize Quarterly Conference this week], and I’m active in my sorority; so I had a lot of commitments this week. Still trying to find a balance. In undergrad, my main job was to live on campus as full-time student [over a decade]. I enjoyed the opportunity to intern at Radio One in the production department and the opportunity to host the gospel show on WSHA 88.9 FM at Shaw University. Working in front of the camera has pushed me beyond my previous skills in that, I’m expressive and I make faces.




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