Oral Presentation


Initially, I thought the oral presentation would be easy. However, choosing a topic became challenging. Some theories are easy to comprehend than others. I find it easier to apply Habermas’s theories to situations—it just makes sense to me. I can identify with truth, truthfulness, and legitimacy.

Media production is something I’ve always enjoyed. I was a production intern at Radio One while attending Shaw University years ago. Working behind the scenes is fulfilling; especially when you view the finished product—it’s a sense of accomplishment. Media production is time-consuming, but I can literally spend hours letting my creative juices flow.

This time I decided to “brand” my [Miss. Monet] podcast and create a jingle. In order to create the jingle, I did additional research. I researched free music to download and decided to use my signature phrase, ‘hello scholars’. Locating my Radio One [intern] CD from college was helpful in that I incorporate an old commercial. Overall, the majority of my time was spent producing the show.




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