Course Reflection: Queens University of Charlotte

I survived my first eight weeks of Grad School! Although I was nervous about learning online, I had the pleasure of taking COM 601 Communication Fluency. Technology has changed since my time at Shaw University. However, I learned a lot over the past eight weeks— I learned how to create accounts for Skype, WordPress, and YouTube. Getting familiar with APA Style after ten years is still an area of opportunity, but I’ll conquer it eventually. Learning about the various communication theories has been enlightening. Week 5, I studied the impact of absent fathers, and applied the phenomenological tradition to examine the non-traditional family structure.

For my final project—another classmate and I chose The Lion King to support Kenneth Burke’s notion that film/literature provides “equipment for living”. Our selection was most interesting because we were able to use the same movie, but apply different communication theories to support our thesis and argument. I believe all of my classmates did a good job on their projects. I think the best example is illustrated below:

~Miss. Monét


2 thoughts on “Course Reflection: Queens University of Charlotte

  1. Hi Monet,

    After listening to your digital presentation I found that you did a really nice job tying in the movie The Lion King into your thesis that the film provides equipment for living for those transitioning from childhood to adulthood by facing difficult times and struggles. The content you provided gave just enough information so that even if someone had not seen the film or was unaware of what the phenomenological tradition of communication theory was they would still be able to understand your argument. The examples from the movie, the Bible and your personal experiences were all good examples of how personal experience makes one strong, determined, and an overcomer. One recommendation I would make is to add additional information about the research of the phenomenological tradition and possibly examine the scholars who studied this tradition. Overall, I thought your presentation was nicely presented in an organized fashion and provided great examples of how The Lion King provides equipment for living.

    – Charner


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