5 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. Miss Monet! I truly enjoyed listening to your digital presentation. I thought you did a wonderful job explaining your final topic in regards to equipment for living. I agree with you that phenomenological tradition shows great representation in the film, The Lion King. I too used this film for my final project thesis. “Phenomenology is the way in which human beings come to understand the world through direct experience” (Littlejohn and Foss, 2011, p. 47). You stated very well that Simba had to go through personal experiences in order to find out who he was, what his purpose/role would be in life. I also enjoyed that you took your time in explaining your thoughts and gave us excellent examples from the film and your personal life to think about. One thing I would suggest is using a couple of slides outlining the various aspects of your final project. That way we could follow along even better. You did an outstanding job!

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  2. Monet – Your summary of the Lion King and how it provides Equipment for Living was very insightful. I appreciated your references to Cain and Abel as well as Jacob and Essau. They were spot on to the Lion King storyline – I had never considered those analogies before. I also appreciated your sharing of the relationship you had with your grandmother and how you coped with her loss. Her rendition of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” was especially touching and left me wanting to know more about her. I know you chose a podcast to summarize your paper, but I wish you had done power point presentation and included a picture of her. That would have been even more impactful. Thanks for sharing your paper. You certainly gave me some food for thought . . . Melinda

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  3. Hi Monet. I love your voice and delivery in this assignment! I found your presentation well-organized and also appreciated the references to the Bible stories. I can follow your train of through applying the phenomenological experience to your argument, and including an audio artifact of your personal experience was very powerful. I also would have liked to see more of a visual element in your presentation–some slides would make your thesis and argument a bit easier to follow. I’ve never seen The Lion King, and although I know the storyline and the main characters, others might not, so pictures would help there too. Just some thoughts! Thanks.


  4. Hi Monet,
    Your digital presentation was a joy to listen to and I especially am touched by the inclusion of your grandmother’s singing. What a tribute! Your presentation explained the story, linked it to your own experience, and also linked it to biblical characters. This gave your presentation depth and for me, this tied together your decision to analyze the film,The Lion King, from the perspective of the phenomenological tradition. Your references were based on experiences. One thing that I am left wondering is, how could a study method be designed to gain insight into whether The Lion King has an impact as “equipment for living” for others. After reviewing other’s presentation, and also included in mine, is the question, “do you relate or identify with any particular character?” I think, in the case of The Lion King, this would be a very interesting question to ask. Great work! I really enjoyed your presentation and look forward to the next 8 weeks with you.


  5. Hi, Monet!

    You did the Podcast medium justice today! Your vocal enthusiasm and passion made the need for any other presentation materials irrelevant. The way in which you seamlessly incorporated phenomenological theories and the “equipment for living” found in The Lion King made this audio present more like a book-on-tape as opposed to a class presentation. I found myself immersed in your words but still grasping your thesis and themes such as good versus evil and suffering and loss.

    Throughout the presentation, you constantly juxtaposed concepts from your paper topic alongside your own personal experiences related to those topics, which allowed me to fully grasp the points your paper presented. The information and style of presentation was uplifting, motivation and positive; all supporting the “equipment for living” that The Lion King could offer any of us.

    Your conclusion of the presentation with an audio clip of your grandmother brought tears to my eyes (literally) and I appreciate you sharing with us that intimate family moment. Death, grief and overcoming loss are certainly life areas where I could use all the equipment I could get!

    I don’t have any areas of improvement. I would personally like to see how you developed the “method” section of your paper, however, for the purposes of this Podcast, had that been included, some of the emotion and passion would’ve been diluted.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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