Reflection: APA Style

I recall using the American Psychological Association (APA) style in undergrad at Shaw University. APA style seems to be the preferred method at Queens University of Charlotte too. I’m curious to know why most institutions prefer APA style vs. the Modern Language Association (MLA) style? For example, two people make a cup of coffee (from the same pot) at work in the break room. One person likes their coffee with cream and sugar while the other person enjoys their coffee with cream, sugar, and cinnamon. At the end of the day it’s still a cup of coffee—it’s the same, yet different due to preference.

Well, its been ten years since I wrote a paper. It’s Week 5, and my draft paper is due on Sunday. I’m still trying to find balance between work, school, and life in general. For me, writing isn’t difficult. To my surprise, APA style incorporates how to write concisely—I struggle with being concise because I enjoy talking. There will be obstacles I’ll have to overcome with APA style. I’ll over analyze if I’m using it right—from quotes to crediting my sources. Knowing when to quote or paraphrase might be difficult to remember (for me). This week will be interesting.

~Miss. Monét


2 thoughts on “Reflection: APA Style

  1. Hello Miss Monet!

    Thank you for posting! I am in the same boat as you. I used APA style citing throughout all of my undergraduate years. Jumping back into it in graduate school is really not a big deal for me! I used to find that using APA style citing was such a hassle but after learning how to use it, I do not find it as difficult to use anymore. I did read that APA style citing is used for social science, nursing and business. I think that is why most institutions require using APA style. There are a lot of courses in the social science, nursing and business colleges on campuses. I agree with you that APA style helps to keep papers concise and to the point. This definitely helps me! I have found myself going on long tangents when writing papers. Using APA style has allowed me to learn to get to the point and move on!

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  2. Hi Monet,
    I know what you mean about over analyzing use of style as you are writing. I find myself questioning things that I do out of habit, and there are so many little things! Use of numbers, spaces, acronyms. It seems that just because I’ve been writing a certain way for years, and it’s been acceptable for all concerned, I can’t be sure that it adheres to APA style unless I check. And even then, if it’s late at night – I forget what the rule was, from the last time I looked it up — and I have to pull out the old blue book and look it up again.

    Chapter 3 on writing was pretty interesting in the text.

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